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ASA PVC Roofing Tile
Longish Stone Series
Code: AGM-01
Royal Stone Series
Code: AGM-02
Standard Brick Series
Code: AGM-03
Rough Brick Series
Code: AGM-04
Wood Grain Series
Code: AGM-05
Stone Grain Series
Code: AGM-06
Currugated Series
Code: AGM-07
Large Flat Series
Code: AGM-08
Wood Plastic Series
Code: AGM-09
Great Wall Series
Code: AGM-10
PU sandwich panels is composed of three parts:

Zn-Al coated steel sheet
Rigid Polyurethane Foam
Aluminum-foil Paper

Normal size is 3800*410(exposed 380)*16mm, and 5800* 410(exposed 380)*16mm,

Other size is also capable customs make, we can also make 50mm thickness EPS or XPS panels.

It have the good performance of :

*  thermo insulation
*sound insulation and noise reduction
*  energy-savings,Eco-friendly
*  class B fire resistant
*  anti-seismic and anti-cracking,waterproof,breathable,damp-proof and
anti-leaking,good shock resistance,durable,long-lasting beauty
*  lightweight,convenient transportation
*  low project cost,easy and quick installation
*  colorful,strong Decorative effects,easy to clean,wide application.

Asphalt Roofing Shingle
Laminated Asphalt Shingle
Code: AGM-AS01
3-Tab Asphalt Shingle
Code: AGM-AS02
Mosaic Asphalt Shingle
Code: AGM-AS03
Wave Shape Asphalt Shingle
Code: AGM-AS04
Leecy Terra Cotta
Code: AGM-R02
Leecy Pure Red
Code: AGM-R01
Leecy Coffee
Code: AGM-R03
Pure Red
Code: AGM-R04
Pure Black
Code: AGM-R05
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